Welcome to McLean Island…

McLean Island consists of approximately 1,200 acres of wooded land that comprises a true island in the Mississippi River. The island is located 11 miles north of Caruthersville, Missouri, which is just north of where Interstate 155 crosses the Mississippi River. McLean Island lies in the heart of the Mississippi flyway and some of the best duck hunting this country has to offer.

You are able to hunt the tall timber and have ducks dropping almost vertically into small areas of open water. In addition there are numerous locations that present larger, yet still small ponds of open water, inviting ducks to work and land in your decoys. There is not a better or more exciting type of duck hunting anywhere else in the USA. The unique topography of this island represents the best and most stimulating duck hunting obtainable today.

McLean Island is also only 10 miles from Reel Foot Lake, one of the best duck hunting areas in the flyway. When Reel Foot Lake freezes the ducks can typically be found migrating toward McLean Island. In addition to the duck hunting, the island is host to a diverse array of other species of wildlife such as deer, turkey, raccoon, coyotes and eagles.
At McLean Island, you can stay in the comfort of an RV with running water from a cased well while hunting, fishing, or a weekend getaway. Travel the new roads around the entire island or through the interior. Included on the island is a bulldozer, tractor, several ATV’s, and a storage container. There also includes a fuel tank for the equipment to enable the upkeep on the food plots planted for the wildlife on the island.